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North American Gurukul, Inc. (NAG) is a nonprofit umbrella organization established to support the awareness and growth of Satyananda Yoga throughout North America in order to enhance the health, well being, & human potential of individuals and society.


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North American Gurukul

What is NAG????


The North American Gurukul (NAG), a non-profit, 501(c)(3) was founded in 2004 by Beverly Roberts Singh, (now Swami Atmarupa) to support the  awareness   and  growth  of   SATYANANDA YOGA®  throughout North America in  order to enhance the well being  of  individuals  and society.

Since 2004 NAG has served the underserved worldwide. We currently offer yoga programs in inner city schools, prisons, recovery centers, halfway houses and more!

“You are full of energy, use it for the service of others, raise their consciousness level and live to make the world a better place.”

—Swami Satyananda Saraswati


NAG is eager to bring our community of teachers and practitioners together to accelerate the growth of Satyananda Yoga in North America through


NAG provides multiple options to explore yoga for personal     

development, including


A central tenet of Satyananda Yoga is selfless service (seva). The act of giving is a powerful tool for personal transformation. NAG has established a seva fund to support seva initiatives across North America. Swami Satyananda culminated a lifetime of intense yoga practice by taking personal responsibility for every villager in his vicinity. He proved that one person can make a profound difference in the lives of many. You can do the same. Create positive change. Push the limits! Give of yourself!  NAG needs you! Please consider volunteering for one or more of our many Seva projects! We are in need of volunteers for teaching, fundraising, committees and so much more!

Please contact us to see how you can best serve.



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Chakra Yoga Retreat with Swami Atmarupa

April 5-12, Hautulco, Mexico


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